Our Approach

WTF Productions believes in design. Excellent design facilitates business and marketing strategies, defines the brand, and generates loyalty among customers and partners. Our clients understand this, and rely on us to deliver. Our idea of design is an inclusive one. We include research, usability, and marketing strategies in our approach to building an effective web presence. Our clients include businesses and organizations from the surrounding area and throughout Wisconsin.

Branding and Identity

Branding and Identity are critical to success in a globalized marketplace. In several important respects the brand is the product. Think of Apple, Nike, or Gap. Careful attention to branding and identity design enables successful marketing and advertising and is an important first step in any business. Our creative teams have worked on variety of identity design projects from numerous start-ups in need of a complete identity package to re-branding a company to help them succeed.

Logo Design

The logo is the signature of an organization, it’s stamp on the world. Logo’s should be simple, memorable, and flexible. WTF Productions develops logos that form the core of corporate identity based on diligent research and an iterative design process.

Printed Services

Even in a digital age the printed, physical business cards and other printed printed material are often the sole representative of an organization. They should fully represent the company and the person. Careless design leaves a poor impression. WTF Productions produces printed collateral that you’ll be proud to give out to your best contacts and partners.

Internet Marketing: Perceptions

The web is most often the first impression a business sets for prospective customers. The look and feel of your web site determines how a company is perceived. Are they trustworthy and reputable? Do they have a history? These perceptions are driven by many perceptions that WTF Production designers are expert in helping to create. Colors, icons, imagery, fonts, and overall layout make a critical difference in initial and ongoing perceptions. Many people have a hard time saying just what it is that makes a site seem appealing and the company well established. WTF Productions makes it a science.


Weblogs are a great way to connect to your visitors in a very direct way. Blogs provide fresh content that will increase interest in your site and encourage frequent, repeat visits, making your site a destination. Blogs have the added benefit of improving search engine placement.

Search Engine Optimization Services

A beautiful site that cannot be found is not very useful. For a site to be found, it has to be thoughtfully constructed to get prominent placement within Google and other search engines. Our search engine optimization strategies ensure your web site gets the best possible listing on the major search portals.