Sueanns Bagels

Carla Dorzweiler, who had just purchased the 7 store coffee and sandwich chain called me up one morning looking to get out with the old, and in with the new! She wanted to redefine the new Sueanns identity while maintaining the same name and comfort that comes with the small Wisconsin based chain.


While working closely with Carla, I came up with a variety of different thumbnails and final compositions to narrow it down to some final thoughts. Originally having a light green pastel colored sketch of a hot steaming cup of coffee in the back, to this simplistic standalone logo. This keeps the new concept close to the old, but defines a slow change in the direction of the business.

Carla has been working with us to brand her new ideas and draw more traffic to her business. The direct mailers helped her draw much more business to one specific location, a location that was not too recognized before.